Francis Ngannou Says Daniel Cormier Is A Harder Fight Than Stipe Miocic

The number two ranked UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou showed off his freakish power once more against Jairzinho Rozenstruik at UFC 249. After the twenty-second knockout, ‘The Predator’ came out of that fight fresh and ready for his next opponent. However, finding one is proving difficult again.

Stipe Miocic, Daniel Cormier, and Jon Jones are the major names thrown in the mix. However, Ngannou has told that he just wants the UFC heavyweight division to move on because he wants to fight for the heavyweight belt.

“I think the UFC needs to do something and make a title fight happen,” he said. “I don’t know when the pandemic will end. No disrespect to Stipe because he’s a well-deserved champion but the division needs to move on.

“The division can’t be held down any longer,” Ngannou continued. “Whatever it takes, and whatever the UFC has to do to make the division move on has to be done. It’s almost been a year since the last title fight and who knows when the next title fight will happen.”

If Miocic doesn’t return soon, Ngannou would like to fight Cormier, who politely called him out recently, for the interim or vacant title. In that case, he is confident that he would come out victorious.

“First of all, I would be very happy to fight Cormier,” he said. “He needs to the trilogy with Stipe as his retirement fight so there was no point of me calling him out. But, he came out himself and said he would do the fight with me. It would be an honour for me to fight him. I see myself walking out with my hand raised.”

In the case Miocic and Cormier does get scheduled, Ngannou is ready to fight Jones, with whom he has been going back and forth on social media in the last week, but that fight doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon.

‘The Predator’ may need to wait a little longer to see how this is all going to play out, but if he gets the rematch with Miocic, he believes the champion will be less of a challenge for him than DC.

“Honestly, I am more confident in a rematch against Stipe than I am to fight Cormier,” Ngannou said. “I think Cormier is a bigger challenge for me than Stipe. I’ve been in there with Stipe and he couldn’t finish me. If that was DC he would’ve finished me. I was done, I couldn’t move and Stipe still couldn’t finish me. I think if I fight Stipe again, I’ll have more knowledge and how to beat him.”

Who do you think presents a bigger challenge for Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic or Daniel Cormier?

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